11 April 2013

Week 2: Crochet Progress

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Alright, so, not so much on the great crochet progress to show you this week. It was the week following Easter, and as I work at a church, it's a pretty crazy time for me and the week totally flew by. I also got an order in from the UK (my first international order, woo!), so I spent some time working those up. Aren't they cute? It's a matching set for bro/sis chihuahuas who have been invited to a wedding in June. Too funny!

As far as Artisan's Market progress... I did finish the tuxedo I was working on last week. And I love the colors in it, especially the little pink bow tie - gets me every time.

And that's all that I have to show you this week! On a normal week, it'd be pretty good - problem is that time is ticking down and I still have so much to do! I've asked my husband to hold me to my new personal rule: "If I'm sitting down, I should be crocheting". We'll see how that goes!

Oh, and also - Happy Late Easter from the little ones!

01 April 2013

Week 1: Crochet Progress

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Well, it's been almost a week now since I've challenged myself to crochet every day. And I've been able to keep that challenge up so far! I now have 3 finished dresses and a half-finished tuxedo! Here's what I worked on this week:

Can you tell I've got lots of yarn in these colors?

I think this summer fun dress was my favorite for the week, I love the way the yarn looks and the little belts make such cute accents :) 

And of course, Chloe helped me start the tuxedo too: 

Overall I had a pretty good crochet week :) I just gotta keep it up now!

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