02 January 2014


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I've never been one for New Year's Resolutions. Mostly I think if you were going to do it, you would have already. But I can't deny that the start of the new year does still raise up in me a desire to do better, start again, and give myself a clean slate.

Cobo's Closet grew a lot this year. A large part of that was my decision to focus on designing and selling original crochet patterns instead of selling ready-to-ship items. It's a direction that allows me a lot of freedom, and has been a lot of fun. I took a few minutes this afternoon to go back into my stats and shop history to get a sense of where Cobo's Closet has come this year.

I filled close to 190 orders this year, up from 81 filled in 2012. Pretty cool, right? I'd love for 2014 to be even better as I dedicate more time to designing new patterns and really exploring my love for crochet. As much as I dabble in knitting and knooking and just about any other fiber art I hear about, my heart always comes back to crochet. There is something so utterly soothing about it for me.

My sister-in-law did a very cool thing on her blog, where she listed 30 things she'd like to accomplish this year that she turns 30. I like that better than a list of vague resolutions, and started thinking up some of what my goals may be for the year as well. Since this year I'll turn 25, I've come up with 25 things I'd like to accomplish this year:

  • Redesign of Cobo's Closet - merge the website, etsy, Facebook page, Ravelry, blog, etc. into one central location.
  • Design 6 new crochet patterns. 
  • Finish my Christmas gifts... from 2013...
  • Take and pass my A+ Certification exam.
  • Begin studying for either Net+ or Sec+.
  • Date nights with the hubby more often.
  • Finish our granny square 'family blanket'.
  • Make a lapghan sized corner to corner throw.
  • Make a lapghan sized granny square throw.
  • Blog more often and post pictures of my work as I finish it.
  • Better photo practices - figure out a specific setup for photos and be consistent with it.
  • Make a crochet quilt. 
  • Have a booth at a local craft fair.
  • Make crochet throw pillows.
  • Network more with other crafters.
  • Complete a graphgan.
  • Study/Read the bible daily.
  • Attend Financial Peace University.
  • Pray for my husband everyday. 
  • Pay off the car.
  • Learn to quilt.
  • Learn at least 5 new stitches.
  • Try at least one new recipe per month.
  • Read at least 50 books.
  • Catch up on reviews for the book blog and have a consistent review schedule.

I've also learned something about myself recently. Or rather, just really noticed a pattern in my life. I let things pile up. And then I get overwhelmed by them and feel defeated. My laundry, attendance sheets, the dishes in my sink, my crochet projects, the paperwork on my desk, emails in my inbox, to-do list items, and the list goes on. I've always been a natural procrastinator, but I'm only now realizing how much stress I'm actually creating for myself by letting things pile up around me. This year I'm going to work on that. On not letting things and tasks pile up around me, and instead to be intentional about staying on top of things while they are still small.

I actually feel quite good about these goals - and having them in writing like this will give me a great sense of success when I get to come back and check these off the list as I accomplish them. :)

What are you all planning for the new year?

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