25 July 2017

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Charlotte's Dream: Update

Posting an update on my Charlotte's Dream afghan. Pattern found here, if you're interested. This is coming along so well, and I just love working on each square a little at a time. I'm doing the squares assembly line style, which I've found I really prefer to completing them fully one at a time.

And a shot with some candlelight, to give the false appearance that I am fancy:

By assembly line, I mean that I complete 1 row (or 2 or 3, essentially will complete up to the next color change needed in one session) and I do that on every square before moving on. So, I'll do rows 19 and 20 on square 1, and then do rows 19 and 20 on square 2, and so on and so forth. 

Part 2 of this pattern involves crocheting 4 equal triangles along each side of your existing square, which makes your original square more of a diamond and gives you a much larger surface area to work with going forward. 

Here we have a finished square after Part 1, and a finished square after Part 2 lying next to each other.  As you can see, part 2 is when the Charlotte's Dream square goes from a normal sized granny square to a MASSIVE sized granny square. And don't forget, there's still a part 3 to come after this!

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