05 July 2017

# bookish

What are these books you speak of?

I have a couple of past blogging lives you may not know about.

Aside from this lovely crochet adventure I have been on, I've also dabbled in book blogging. More than once, actually! Reading is something I've always loved, and always have enjoyed getting the chance to connect with others that are just as crazy about it as I am.

I've decided to combine all my passions into one place, under Cobo's Closet. Going forward, I will tag each post made, whether it is crafty related or book related, and will have tabs along the top of the blog so you can choose to read only what is of interest to you.

If you prefer to only look at the crochet and craft related posts, you can click on the Crafty Posts link in the menu, and be taken to a page where only those are displayed. If you prefer to see only my book posts, you can click on the Bookish Posts link in the menu, and be taken to those only. And if you're my spirit animal and also happen to enjoy both equally, you can just stay here! 😀

I'll begin slowly integrating my book blog schedule here over the coming weeks, and hope you will come along for the ride with me as I figure out how to balance everything going forward! ♡

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